IP CCTV – Internet Protocol CCTV

wireless camera entry system

IP CCTV permits the application of extremely high resolution cameras (Hyper) with currently approximately 30 times the photo detail of standard CCTV and also this set to boost even higher. As all components in a IP environment work to the same communication and control standard it is simple and easy to exchange or upgrade a component individually while not having to modify the whole system. Even power requirement for devices (cameras) can be carried on a single cable since the communications signal (Poe Control of Ethernet). Integrating an Camera giam sat system into a pre-existing IT infrastructure can also be easy as both systems are talking exactly the same language. Another major good thing about IP CCTV is the fact that product is ready for future developments since they too will probably be developed to the same IP standard.

Currently cameras are offered from 2 to 10 mega pixels there are cameras in development which have 20 mega pixels. High resolution cameras enable the zooming in on the image without a perceivable resolution loss. For example the property Office guidelines advise that to determine a vehicle registration mark (number plate) the plate should fill no less than 1/8 in the picture at standard resolution. Employing a 5 megapixel IP camera it might only have to cover a 200th from the screen area to experience a clearer image. Another major good thing about IP CCTV is data management. It is actually easy to be viewing a wide view of let’s say a vehicle park and as well in the same camera be viewing a close up view of a number plate. This will give control on the operator to make a decision what part of an image he or she is viewing requires a closer look without making use of a mechanical zoom or positioned – it is as simple as clicking the mouse by the image one wants to see in depth.

Having each component in an IP CCTV system with its own intelligence permits each one of these units to complete certain very tedious but vital tasks automatically. This could be as basic as triggering a full screen of any activity within a restricted area and sending a alert email or it may be advising the system that the camera lens needs cleaning. With components in a position to communicate collectively, complicated processes involving many components can be executed. It really is and also easy for aspects of the program being incorporated into other IP systems including computer networks, servers, door entry systems etc. Being smart capable to communicate most control and configuration can be accomplished with the technician remotely.

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